Project Flexibility
Renting allows you to perform seasonal, temporary or specialized work.

Performance Guaranteed
Our in-house maintenance programs keeps our rental equipment in top notch shape and ready for you to rent.

Reduce Overhead
Renting equipment cuts costs by eliminating the need to store, maintain and repair and keep staff. 

Delivery & pick up to & from your job site
Renting equipment eliminates the hassle of YOU having to transport equipment from site to site.

Martin's Equipment Rentals maintains all equipment in-house. We follow the required regulations set by ANSI/ OSHA. We do annual inspections and inspect and repair all equipment that arrives back from site.

Our experienced service department keeps our equipment in top condition. Our mechanics are highly skilled and have years of experience



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​​​Construction Equipment Ph: 1-707-389-0146

 hours: monday- friday 7:30am- 5pm
by appointment only on Saturdays and closed sundays